Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our New Classroom Arrives!!

On Monday a digger came to Tomarata School to dig out a base for the new classroom. The digger knocked over two very big trees. It was amazing! We watched the big orange digger. The digger was huge. There was a safety fence, a big orange fence. The next day in the early morning a big brown truck was at school with the new classroom on the trailer.
It has been a very cool morning!!
Kaleb & Rafe

The New Class

Today the class has arrived this morning I watched it. It was fun. All of Room Two went to the playground, I got pushed off two times! I liked watching the class getting dropped down except the bell rang - so I kept watching it!
I enjoyed seeing the machines doing their jobs.
I came to class just in time as Mrs Stevens said my name. I had to rush to class and I was just in time. Then Mrs Stevens took us out to watch for five minutes. I saw Mrs Dunns class heading back too. We might go and look again. It was fun!

By Max!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Grandparents Day

On Friday 27 of November Rooms 2,4,and 5 had an awesome Grandparents day. First we sung some songs to our Grandparents then we had morning tea and showed our Grandparents around our school. I tried to get cup of tea but they would not let me! At 11.oo our grandparents went home and I had a sore tummy. My favourite part was morning tea. I had an awesome morning.
by Abbey.

Term Four

In term four we are learning about fractions it is really fun. We will miss school but are looking forward to next year with a new teacher. I'm looking forward to end of year prize giving too. We have learnt a lot but we need to learn more. It is sad that the Year Fours have to leave - we have only been here for one year and we want to be here longer. Have a great year we wish you a Merry Cristmas! Bye.

by Nicky & the Michaelater

The Last Day of School

This year the last day of school will be on Wednesday. In two weeks and three days not far but we will miss school. But we're looking forward to Christmas. Room 2really don't want a new teacher We want Mrs Stevens FOREVER. Prize giving isn't far either and a few people will be playing their instruments - that's really fun and cool. Merry Christmas.

By Rafe

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beach Education

On Friday Rooms 2, 4 & 5 went to Mangawhai Beach to learn to swim safely between the flags. We played some games down on the beach.
After the games we went inside to have lunch. When some of Rooms 2, 4 & 5 finished their lunch they got into their togs. Then we went outside in
room lines. Room 2 got to go in the water first with the boogie boards. The water was cold, and it started to rain while we were in the water. We were already wet so it didn't matter!
I thought that it was a fun trip.

By Darcie

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodbye Mrs Humfrey

Mrs Humfrey tought us how to make poi. She also taught us the poi actions. She tought us the sticks, (rakau). First we learnt how to do the basics, then we learnt how to do the Rainbow action to the song, (waiata). She also taught us some new songs. Mrs Humfrey was really cool!!

By Kathleen and Joseph